Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Winter Kindergarten Project

This week the Kindergarteners at Glencliff are studying winter and we were looking for something easy and quick to do on that subject.  At Tumblebooks we found A Penguin Story by Antionette Portis.  This is a beautiful story about a young penguin searching for "more."  In this case he's searching for more colors.  He's only seen white, black and blue but he believes there's got to be something more out there.  Eventually he finds some scientists who have orange clothing and equipment and he's thrilled with his discovery.  The story is excellent and could be used with Kindergarteners in so many ways.

After the students "read" the story I switched them to ThisIsSand.com.  This is a site they've been using for some time to work on mouse skills.  But with the project the directions were that they needed to create their vision of the penguin's land.  They could only use the colors white, black, blue and orange.  I showed them how to get those colors which required some more finely tuned mouse skills and they got their creative minds going.  Here are a few of the works they created.

"The white part is the snow and the glove is over it that the guys gave it to the penguin."

"My favorite part is that the black one is the biggest hill.  Penguins climbed that hill."

"The penguin was climbing up the hills and then he flipped when he was going down this hill because there was snow."

To get the pictures and add text I screenshot what I wanted, uploaded it to BeFunky.com and typed in what the student dictated to me.  I only did this for 3 students as it takes about 5 minutes each to add the child's text.  We'll email these to the author and we hope she responds.  Wouldn't it be great for the students to get an email from the author!

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